You are NOT too old and it is NOT too late.

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2019

My grandmother learned to play the piano at 80. It was something she has always wanted to learn, so she decided at EIGHTY FREAKING YEARS OLD to learn. She found a teacher, she practiced daily and she crushed her damn goal. ⁣

And I don’t know who needs to hear this today (besides me) but this is for you. ⁣

That thing you’ve been wanting to do? That class you want to take, the blog you want to create, that business you want to start..... the dream you want to chase-whatever it is, it’s a good idea. ⁣

You can do it. Whatever the thing is. However old you are. However late it feels. You can do it. If grandma could do it at 80, you can do it now. ⁣

So go do it. And I will too.


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